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Save lives when a crash happens

Creating safer roads with critical data for first responders

Deliver an essential safety feature to drivers by directly linking incident data to 911.

Enhanced safety

Stand out with a feature that puts safety first – drivers can rest assured knowing critical information will be connected directly to 911.

Intelligent response

Link contextual vehicle and driver data like location, car description, vehicle orientation, VIN, air bag deployment, velocity and more for a more informed response.

Scalable integration

Easily integrate any connected device, sensor or insurance app through a modern API.

How it Works

Sensor, vehicle or app

detects a collision

Data is sent to AI-equipped

Safety Agent or 911

911 receives the verified data

for a faster more informed emergency response

When a crash is detected, engage with a safety agent immediately

In the event of an accident, apps can detect the crash and connect to a safety agent right away. If the driver is unable to respond, help can be sent for a faster, more effective emergency response.

Powering your safety features

OEM & after-market device companies

Get critical incident data from connected car components and sensors directly to 911. This contextual data enables a faster, more informed dispatch of field responders.


Insurance companies

RapidSOS partners with insurance providers and app developers to detect a crash, send critical data to 911, provide incident details for an accurate estimate, and even allow a customer to request assistance when in need of a towing service.

Faster response in partnership with SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services

“This collaboration enables us, for the first time, to immediately send data from both the vehicle and our databases to 911.”

Steve Coker, SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services SVP

Technology and people working together to keep local communities safe. Join us.