Seconds count when a crash happens

With RapidSOS, you can directly link critical incident data to 911

Integrate Your Connected Mobility Platform with 911

The RapidSOS platform sends real-time crash, telematics, and location data to first responders to cut response times and improve outcomes.

Connected mobility with Sirius XM
Connected mobility data available for first responders through RapidSOS
RapidSOS and Connected Mobility

Creating safer roads
with better data for first responders

Connected mobility links vehicle platforms and the internet of things to power safer, smoother journeys on the road. RapidSOS helps get that data from cars, apps, and sensors to 911 in emergencies.

Ensure crash data
gets to dispatch


RapidSOS immediately shares data with monitoring centers and first responders.

Cut down on
response times


Precise location and accident information gets the right first responders on scene faster.

Show your customers you care


Offer the most important layer of protection available on the market

  • SVP at Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services,
    "This collaboration enables us for the first time to immediately send data from both the vehicle and our databases to 911, regardless of the technology used in the receiving 911 center."
    SVP at Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services,
    John Jasper
How it works

Faster, smarter
emergency response via connected mobility


Sensor, platform, or vehicle detects a collision


Data is sent to 911 or monitoring center through the RapidSOS platform


911 accesses life-saving information the moment the call comes in

Partnership spotlight

Connected Vehicle Services

SiriusXM Connected Vehicles services provides advanced telematics platforms for millions of vehicles to make roads safer and save lives.

Case study

Find out how
SiriusXM Connected
Vehicle Services works
with first responders

SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services teamed up with RapidSOS to share telemetry data from car accidents with 911 from the 10+ million vehicles they protect.

RapidSOS Ready

Connected Mobility:
Are you ready
to help protect lives?

Together with innovative companies certified as RapidSOS Ready, we’re supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually. Join us.