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Nov 1-2, 2023

Join us for this two-day virtual event to learn about advancements in safety technology from industry leaders in both technology and public safety.


RapidSOS is your lifeline to safety

Keeping you safe in any situation

In an increasingly unsafe world you want to know that support is just a click or call away, and that you and your family will get the fastest, most effective help in an emergency. We’re committed to helping you feel safe, and be safe.


Explore the ways RapidSOS can help your business keep our communities safe with these videos.

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety platform

If you find yourself in an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS Ready apps, devices and sensors put essential information like location, medical details, car crash severity and more, directly into the hands of a first responder.

How we help keep people safe

Person in need

Device activated
digital alert sent
RapidSOS safety agent

Data verified using AI
safety agent received


911 telecommunicator

911 escalated
shares with first responder


Field responder

Field responder dispatched
help is on the way

I feel very comforted as a parent to know that my kids’ devices are connected to us through RapidSOS.

Laura Hicks, Lee County 911 telecommunicator

What it means to be RapidSOS Ready

If your devices and services are RapidSOS Ready, you can rest assured that life-saving information is getting directly into the hands of 911 and first responders during an unsafe moment or emergency.

Securely linking life-saving data to 911

Many of today’s leading companies partner with RapidSOS to link their products directly to emergency services. When these apps, wearables, home security systems, building sensors and more share critical information at a time of need, first responders arrive on scene faster and better informed.

On the move

Emergency services access critical information through RapidSOS Ready apps and wearables:

  • Your exact location and phone number to reach you
  • Real-time health data like current medications, medical history and allergies
  • And more

At home

If your home security and safety systems are RapidSOS Ready, your home is better protected:

  • Only with RapidSOS can live agents deliver a verified alarm to 911 faster than a phone call
  • RapidSOS panic button alerts will trigger a faster, more effective emergency response

In public spaces

Building data immediately gets to 911 through RapidSOS Ready building devices and sensors during a threat or emergency:

  • Floor plans
  • Door controls
  • Video feeds and gunfire detection
  • And more

Partnering with the world’s most innovative companies

devices, apps and sensors linked to emergency services


Set up an Emergency Health Profile –
it could save the life of you and your loved ones.

Nobody anticipates an emergency but if it happens, we’ve got you covered. Create your free emergency health profile so your critical information will be shared with first responders.

Add your allergies, medications, pre-existing conditions and more. You’ll receive the care you need, at the moment you need it.

The difference data can make

Jeanette Watson’s quick thinking and use of RapidSOS ensured that first responders were dispatched quickly to a life-threatening emergency.

Technology and people working together to keep you and your
loved ones safe.