Sharing real-time security camera footage with 911 during emergencies

RapidSOS & Eagle Eye Networks

See how our solution revolutionizes emergency response with instant access to security cameras

Today, security cameras are ubiquitous at schools and businesses, but those cameras typically cannot be accessed by 911 during an emergency.

With Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing, powered by RapidSOS, security camera footage can be shared directly with 911 centers — providing first responders with the real-time situational awareness they need to keep our communities safe.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Immediate access to one or multiple live surveillance videos during emergencies

Utilize Existing Camera Systems

Enhanced situational awareness for first responders, improving response strategies

Share Selectively and Securely

Video access is preselected and strictly controlled, ensuring privacy and security


Enhancing Safety, Safeguarding Privacy

  • Predetermined Camera Access: Organizations can preselect which cameras will be accessible during emergencies, streamlining response efforts
  • Emergency-Only Video Accessibility: Video feeds are accessible exclusively during emergency events, safeguarding privacy and security
  • Audit Logs: All access to video feeds is logged, providing transparency and accountability for every incident
  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Eagle Eye’s cloud infrastructure ensures reliability, scalability, and access from anywhere, at any time
  • RapidSOS Integration: Direct connection to RapidSOS’s network offers a seamless flow of critical data to emergency services and first responders

How RapidSOS and Eagle Eye Networks Connect Security Cameras to 911

Camera owners preselect live feeds to share

911 Call Placed
Local camera feeds are enabled during a 911 call

Strategic Response
Real-time insights are relayed to field responders

Combining cloud surveillance with Intelligent Safety

Eagle Eye Networks partners with RapidSOS for a smarter, safer future. Through the RapidSOS Intelligent Safety Platform, Eagle Eye Networks is able to provide first responders with immediate access to security camera footage.

Leveraging RapidSOS’ network, Eagle Eye Networks connects real-time security camera feeds to over 16,000 first responder nationwide, covering 99% of the population.