Digital Dispatch for Fire Monitoring Centers

Digitally connect fire alarm data directly to 911 and field responders


Reduce response times with Digital Alerts sent directly to 911

Commercial Fire Alerts enable fire monitoring centers to digitally send alarm data directly to 911 without the need for a phone call.

With capabilities to cluster multiple sensor alarms into a single alert and notify neighboring jurisdictions, Commercial Fire Alerts empower firefighters to get to the scene faster and better prepared.

Provide firefighters with the data they need in the field

Digital Alerts, powered by RapidSOS, empower field responders with the information they need to ensure the fastest possible containment and management of building fires.

Critical fire information, such as exact incident location, building maps, fire type, and more, improves firefighters’ contextual awareness and minimizes response times.


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Learn how RapidSOS reduces response times during building fires

How RapidSOS connects commercial fire data directly to first responders

Systems detect an event

monitoring is notified

Fire alarm is digitally connected to 911

through the RapidSOS platform

Firefighters receive location and fire type data

arrive on scene faster and more informed

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RapidSOS has transformed emergency response in otherwise fragmented and legacy systems—aggregating and providing critical data that ECCs and first responders in the field need to ensure a rapid and informed emergency response.

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Chief John M. Buckman, III (Ret),

Past President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs