Uniting Artificial Intelligence with Human Ingenuity in Public Safety

HARMONY allows busy public safety teams to streamline their emergency data processes, transforming complex information into actionable insights within their current software systems and operational protocols.

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RapidSOS HARMONY excels by merging data and AI inputs from various partners into a unified, clear experience.

HARMONY assists public safety professionals with


Alarm Call Processing

Fix the broken process for managing traditional 10-digit alarm calls by offloading alarm call processing to HARMONY

Text Translation & Analysis

Gain deeper insights from text-based conversations, including sentiment analysis and keyword alerting

Video object Detection

Let AI watch video for you and extract key, actionable insights

Enhanced Emergency Insights

Seamlessly process all connected data feeds, crafting a concise overview of each emergency

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Technology will never replace the talent, ingenuity, and professionalism of public safety.

But AI can play a powerful role in supporting that life-saving work and make first responders’ jobs easier.

Michael Martin, CEO, RapidSOS


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