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Eliminating the emergency services phone call

The power of digital alerts

RapidSOS Digital Alerts enables live agents to communicate directly with emergency services without the need for a phone call through the 10-digit verification number.

How it works


Device activated in an unsafe moment


RapidSOS live agent contacts user


Agent sends critical data, direct chat with 911

The RapidSOS advantage

Reduces operator costs

Automates dispatch by removing the need for the phone call
Simplifies post-dispatch
Communications with live-chat
Helps telecommunicators manage multiple incidents at once

Increases data accuracy

Delivers critical decision-making data to emergency call takers and first responders
Shares data as text to reduce human transcription errors
Ability to transfer video, images and custom data

Expedites dispatch

Time saved from improved efficiencies
Operators can request dispatch while still on the phone with emergency contacts
Increased chance of prioritized response when data indicates a verified in-progress emergency

Quote Image

We received our first alert at 02:58 this morning. The alert came in 3 minutes earlier than the telephone call. Looks like this service will have a dramatic impact on our response times.

Gareth Williams,

Chief PST, County 911 Coordinator at Union County Police Department

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