report it® Partners with RapidSOS and Launches Personal Safety App and Innovative Employee Assistance Program

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  • report it® announces a partnership with RapidSOS to enhance employee safety and is now recognized as RapidSOS Ready.
  • Through this partnership, the report it® Personal Safety App sends potentially life-saving emergency data directly to 911 through the RapidSOS Platform.

New York, NY, March 19th, 2024
— report it®, a leading provider of compliance, safety, and security reporting technologies, is pleased to announce a partnership with RapidSOS. This collaboration is aimed at significantly enhancing the well-being and safety of employees, both within and beyond the workplace with the launch of report it® Personal Safety App.

Initially offered to enhance safety measures for remote, lone, and high-risk workers, the report it® Personal Safety App now supports Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), offering a range of preventative services and seamless coordination with 911 personnel. Developed with public safety experts, RapidSOS’s intelligent safety platform securely integrates life-saving data from over 540 million connected devices, apps, and sensors directly to over 16,000 911 and first responder agencies.

The report it® Personal Safety App is an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes seeking to provide professional-grade personal security and safety services to their employees, especially those working alone, remotely, or in high-risk environments. The partnership between report It® and RapidSOS enables the sharing of enhanced emergency intelligence data, including incident nature, contact details, pictures and videos and location data. This rich information exchange enhances the level of detail available to 911 and field responders during a call, resulting in faster and more effective emergency response.

“Our partnership with RapidSOS provides a simple and cost-effective solution to improve employee safety and security wherever they might be,” said Raymond Sobieski, a report it® company Founder. “Employees are an organization’s most valued asset, and their safety should be a top priority. This partnership provides employees the support they need to stay safe and thrive, both personally and professionally”. 

“RapidSOS is proud of our partnership with report it®,” said Karin Marquez, Chief Public Safety Brand Officer of RapidSOS. “As the number of lone workers continues to rise globally, it’s important that they have connected pathways to reach safety in their regular workflows. With our integration workers will be able to connect to RapidSOS Safety Agents or to 911 to keep them reassured, safe, and secure.”

With the introduction of this solution the report it® Personal Safety App will be recognized as RapidSOS Ready – allowing critical data to be sent directly to local 911 agencies in an emergency through the RapidSOS intelligent safety platform. Learn more about the solution at




About report it®
Trusted by a wide range of entities including employers, private security providers, schools, residential communities, and law enforcement agencies, report it® offers a user-friendly platform for confidently and discreetly escalating concerns in real-time. To learn more and request a demonstration of our solution visit

About RapidSOS, Inc.

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety company that harnesses artificial and human intelligence to fuse life-saving data from 540M+ connected devices, apps, and sensors from 200+ global technology companies to over 16,000 field responder agencies. Whether there’s an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS Ready devices, vehicles, homes, or buildings deliver essential data to the right place when it matters most. Learn more at