Intelligent Safety Solutions for Telematics

Connect crash detection data directly to 911 and field responders

When accidents occur, first responders don't have access to the telematics data that helps them save lives.
RapidSOS helps put travel, incident, and automobile data directly into the hands of first responders.

Connect telematics data for faster, more informed emergency response

In the event of an accident, RapidSOS enables OEMs, insurance providers, and telematics companies to send immediate digital alerts directly to first responders.

Crucial incident information including the precise location, vehicle description, crash speed, and more equips first responders with comprehensive accident information before they arrive on-scene.

Faster response in partnership with SiriusXM Connect

“This collaboration enables us, for the first time, to immediately send data from both the vehicle and our databases to 911.”

Steve Coker, SiriusXM Connect SVP

Transforming Connected Vehicle Safety

OEM & after-market device companies

Connect critical incident data from connected car components and sensors directly to 911. This contextual data enables a faster, more informed dispatch of field responders.

Insurance companies

RapidSOS partners with insurance providers to initiate First Notification of Loss the moment crashes occur, handle claims faster, and even allow a customer to request assistance when in need of a towing service.

How RapidSOS connects crash data directly to call centers & 911


Sensor, vehicle or app
detects a collision


Data is sent to AI-equipped
Safety Agent or 911


911 receives the verified data
for a faster more informed emergency response

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Partnering with the most innovative insurance & telematics companies

Scalable nation-wide coverage

  • Access 5,700+ ECCs covering 99.9% of U.S. population
  • Connect emergency data to 1M+ field responders
  • Ensure your data can be shared between jurisdictions
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RapidSOS has transformed emergency response in otherwise fragmented and legacy systems—aggregating and providing critical data that ECCs and first responders in the field need to ensure a rapid and informed emergency response.

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Chief John M. Buckman, III (Ret),

Past President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs