Digital Alerts

Digital, seamless, automated 911 alarm processing


911 alarm processing for today's digital world

Digital safety solutions are multiplying annually, enhancing protection in our homes, schools, and workplaces. With Digital Alerts, we’ve crafted the future of alarm processing, ensuring faster and more efficient emergency response as the world becomes more connected.


Digital Alerts: the future of alarm call processing

For far too long, ECCs have had to rely on analog phone calls to process alarms.

Digital Alerts allow you to eliminate those calls and receive incident-specific data digitally – parsed in a standardized format – directly into RapidSOS UNITE.

Get rich incident data

With Digital Alerts, telecommunicators receive critical emergency data from connected vehicles, trains, personal safety devices, security systems, fire sensors, and more.

For example, during an automobile crash, Digital Alerts provide 911 with vehicle-based sensor data, including location, speed at impact, number of occupants, restraint status, and airbag deployment.

Access digital alert data from today’s leading companies

How Digital Alerts Work

How Digital Alerts Work

How to get started with Digital Alerts

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Digital Alerts for your CAD

A number of CAD partners are currently live with Digital Alerts with more on the way! Contact us to learn more about how access Digital Alerts in your CAD.