Learn How to Best Utilize RapidSOS Portal with Our Latest Training Video Series

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS Portal is a simple browser-based tool for ECCs to receive location and additional emergency data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. It is accessible for any authorized ECC at no cost, regardless of what call-taking, CAD or mapping product they currently use. This article introduces a series of training videos to help you best take advantage of this tool, whether you are considering RapidSOS Portal or have just recently signed up.

(RapidSOS Portal is previously known as RapidLite. For more details, please read this article.)

Video 1: Training Videos Overview
This is a quick introduction of what you will learn in this training video series.

Video 2: Sign up for RapidSOS Portal
In this video, Tracy walks you through all the steps to sign up for a RapidSOS Portal account. 

Video 3: Access the RapidSOS Portal Training Portal
While waiting for your account to be approved, watch this video to find out how to access the free RapidSOS Portal training portal.

Video 4: Add Users to Your RapidSOS Portal Account
After your RapidSOS Portal account is approved, this video explains how to add users to your account so your ECC can start accessing data from the RapidSOS Clearinghouse immediately. 

Video 5: Access Real-Time Location Data
In this video, Tracy explains how you can access fast and accurate location data for active and even abandoned 9-1-1 calls.

Video 6: Edit Your ECC Information
Whether you have updated your CAD software or need to adjust the size of your geofence, this video explains how to make changes to your ECC information.

Video 7: Access Additional Emergency Data
In this video, Tracy shows you how to view additional emergency data when it is available. 

Video 8: Tips and Reminders
Here are some final thoughts and reminders to help you fully take advantage of RapidSOS Portal.

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Tracy Eldridge is the Public Safety Community Engagement Manager at RapidSOS. She has played a significant role in educating and driving adoption of new life-saving technology to ECCs nationwide. Tracy has been working in Public Safety for 22 years. She began her career as a 9-1-1 dispatcher and then became the Chief Dispatcher in Rochester, Massachusetts. She also served the Rochester community as a firefighter/paramedic on the fire department. Since 2006, she has committed herself in educating telecommunicators, EMTs, and Firefighters all over the country on various topics and has been recognized nationally for her dedication to raising awareness of PTSD among telecommunicators.