911 Integrated Home Security: How Ecobee Ensures Customer Safety

In this webinar, Quinlan Hickey, Product Manager, Smart Security at ecobee and Marty Hebert, Head of Security at RapidSOS, will discuss much needed advancements in home security’s integration with the emergency response infrastructure – a topic that lies at the core of ecobee’s strategy. Viewers will learn how ecobee connects their products with 24/7 Safety Agents and 911, the types of data that ecobee is able to digitally connect to emergency services, and how this integration provides their end customers with enhanced peace of mind.

Featured Webinar Speakers:

Marty Hebert, Head of Security, RapidSOS
Quinlan Hickey, Product Manager, Smart Security. ecobee​
Steve McMurrer, ENP, 9-1-1 Systems Administrator, Fairfax County

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