Safety and security are a top priority for many businesses heading into 2021. Following the unprecedented events of last year, many consumers are looking for ways to protect themselves, their families, and their communities, especially during emergencies. Devices, apps, and technologies are working to keep their consumers safe – and many rely on RapidSOS to do so.

Being a RapidSOS Ready company signifies a commitment to customer safety. It allows your company to send life-saving data through the RapidSOS emergency response data platform to 911 nationwide. By working with RapidSOS, businesses can help shape the future of emergency response and protect their customers when they need it most.

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What are the benefits of working with public safety?

Safety is top of mind for the U.S. public – over 58 percent of Americans feel actively worried about their safety every day. Especially today, safety is an expectation at every step of the customer journey, whether it’s socially distanced service or advanced safety features.

Working with public safety adds an extra layer of protection to your company’s safety offerings, and gives your customers the peace of mind that the best help will be available to them in the event of an emergency. Your company can connect to public safety through a variety of different applications, including:

  • Panic buttons
  • Monitoring services
  • SOS apps
  • Emergency notifications

In partnership with RapidSOS, these solutions can help emergency services arrive on scene faster, leveraging information about your customers for a smarter, more effective response.

One of the main benefits to working with public safety is overcoming the limitations of the 911 infrastructure: the emergency response system was built over 60 years ago and hasn’t adapted to changing communications paradigms.

The emergency number system was built on the principle of a voice-based phone call, meaning telecommunicators have to rely on the limited information a phone call can provide about an emergency. The result is first responders getting delayed by miscommunication or a lack of information. Consequently, according to a survey by DKC Analytics, 93 percent of Americans agree if first responders had more data, they could save more lives.

To combat this, many companies are sharing data with 911 during emergencies, to help them get the data they need to save lives and protect communities. The same DKC Analytics survey found 99 percent of Americans want 911 to receive additional data during emergencies, to help first responders arrive on scene faster and more informed.

What does an integration with public safety look like?

There are a variety of different ways to work with public safety at scale. You can integrate your business with an emergency response data platform, work with third-party consumer safety providers, collaborate with public safety software providers, or build your own solution from the ground up.

At their core, each integration provides a pathway for first responders to access life-saving data during emergencies, whether it’s at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC), or in the field. Whichever solution you choose, there are a few factors to consider, namely:

1) Desired customer experience

Think about how you’ll offer protection to your customers or employees, and where public safety can help. Where might your customers experience an emergency? How and when might they be using your app, device, or technology?

2) Types of data that can be shared

Consider what data sets you have to share on behalf of your customers, and how that might impact emergency response. For reference, first responders often look for medical, security, automotive/telematic, and demographic information, but other forms of information (like COVID-19 testing results) can help as well.

3) Managing relationships with public safety

Working with public safety means building relationships with them. Consider how your solution is perceived and used by public safety. Does it have the coverage your customers need? Do first responders need additional training or education? Take size and scope into account as well.

Why should my business or technology become RapidSOS Ready?

Becoming RapidSOS Ready allows your company to  seamlessly integrate your  technology into public safety workflows through a trusted, recognized 911 service provider. Your business can become RapidSOS Ready by integrating with public safety through the emergency response data platform. The RapidSOS Platform is used by over 5,200 ECCs nationwide, protecting over 90 percent of the US population, and supporting over 250 million emergencies annually.

To find out how you can join the RapidSOS Ready partner community, talk to an expert today.