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Join the RapidSOS Safety Pioneer Program

For over a decade, RapidSOS has been built in collaboration with public safety, for public safety. That’s why RapidSOS has developed the Safety Pioneer Program. As a member of the Safety Pioneer Program, you’ll be the first to access and implement the latest RapidSOS features and innovations.

Members of the Safety Pioneer Program get:
  • Early Access to All New Features: Be the first to explore and implement our newest innovations. Your access puts you ahead, ensuring your agency leverages the most advanced tools in emergency response.
  • Influence Future Innovations: Your voice matters. Gain the opportunity to input on the development of future RapidSOS features, helping to shape the technology that supports first responders across the country.
  • Real-Time Feedback Channel: A dedicated platform for you to provide immediate feedback based on your on-the-ground experiences. Your insights are crucial in refining the tools that make a difference in critical situations.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join a select group of other Safety Pioneers. This community is your space to connect, share experiences, and learn from peers who are equally committed to advancing emergency response services.
  • Recognition Tools: Elevate your agency’s profile with a special Safety Pioneer logo and a customizable press release template. Share your  commitment to innovation in emergency response with your community.

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