In smart buildings and emergency response, every moving part is linked by data and solutions that safeguard the building and its inhabitants. Facilities today incorporate next generation 911 technologies such as AI threat detection, intrusion detection, access control, and more to ensure a safe environment.

Some connected buildings even have integrated security management platforms that bridge the gap between the facility and public safety in case an emergency occurs. In this panel, our speakers Monica Million, Immediate Past President at NENA; Rob Huberty, Co-founder and COO at ZeroEyes; and Jody GrandPre, COO at 911inform; walk through next generation advancements in commercial security systems that connect life-saving data directly to 9-1-1 and first responders’ critical response systems in an emergency. In this episode of RapidSOS Insider, you will learn about innovative solutions in the industry and hear case studies of how this is working in communities across the country.

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: RapidSOS Insider Episode 3: Smart Buildings and Emergency Response: IoT Trends in Commercial Security. Watch on-demand now.

While great advancements have been made when it comes to smart buildings and emergency response there are still challenges in the security space. Industry experts Jody and Rob uncover these challenges and discuss how 911inform and ZeroEyes have developed solutions that bridge the data gap between buildings and emergency services.

Monica walks us through the evolution of what it means by keeping people, schools, and offices safe and how this evolution is impacting critical response systems and processes. She also discusses how public safety agencies around the country are adapting to the rapid innovations in next generation 911 technology.

The webinar concludes with the panelists discussing the advancements they would like to see in the future and the other types of data that would be helpful to dispatchers when responding to security-related emergencies. Tune in to learn more about how smart buildings and security systems will continue empowering emergency responders with situational awareness, allowing first responders to respond quickly and allocate resources efficiently during emergencies.