3 Times Emergency Intelligence Data Helped Save Lives

by jcarnoy

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Whether there’s an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS Ready devices, homes, or buildings deliver essential data to the right place when it matters most. Through its partnerships with public safety, the data connected to first responders by RapidSOS enables a faster, more effective emergency response.

Today, thanks to the data provided by our partners through the RapidSOS Intelligent Safety Platform, we’re sharing just a few incredible stories of the lives saved by our public safety heroes.

Apple crash detection saves driver in Martin County, FL

At Martin County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, dispatch received an automated crash distress signal from an unknown cell phone. While the phone merely alerted them to the longitude and latitude of the incident, dispatchers were able to use RapidSOS to acquire a map location and dispatch deputies to the accurate location of the emergency. 

When deputies arrived on a desolate stretch of road at about 1 a.m., they found a vehicle upside down in a canal and could hear cries for help coming from inside. Deputies jumped into the water and rescued an injured man who was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Apple Watch alerts 911 of a hard fall in Grant County, WA

At the Multi Agency Communications Center in Washington, dispatchers received an alert that notified them of a hard fall from an elderly gentleman in their community. While the man was not easily able to communicate, his smart watch detected the fall and RapidSOS provided critical location data, down to the exact room in which the fall was detected, which allowed first responders to make the save.

Uber driver saves elderly passenger in Mexico City, MX

At C5 Mexico City in Mexico, an emergency call showed up in RapidSOS Portal. The call taker made multiple attempts to contact the user without response, but was unable to make contact. RapidSOS, however, was able to provide first responders with the vehicle information of the caller and help them verify that the call came from an Uber driver calling 911 through the app. The integrated camera system rapidly located the vehicle, and the dispatcher sent a medical unit. An elderly passenger was convulsing inside the vehicle and the unit was able to provide support to the patient. The rider recovered thanks to the help provided by first responders.

Driven by purpose

At RapidSOS, we’re committed to making everyone feel safe, be safe, and stay safe. 

In pursuit of this commitment, the RapidSOS Intelligent Safety Platform connects data from 500M+ connected devices, apps, and sensors from 90+ global technology companies to over 450,000 first responders across 15,000 agencies . When seconds matter, RapidSOS provides a lifeline to safety.

If you’re a tech company interested in partnering with RapidSOS to connect your life-saving data to RapidSOS safety agents, 911, and first responders globally, learn more about our solutions here.

If you’re a public safety professional interested in harnessing the power of the RapidSOS Intelligent Safety Platform at your ECC, learn more about our platform here