How SiriusXM Connect empowers faster and more efficient emergency response

Empowering faster & more informed crash response

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Goals and opportunity

SiriusXM Connect offers customers a variety of technologies that keep drivers safe, informed, and connected. The company’s advanced Automatic Crash Network (ACN+) collects vehicle crash and incident information from onboard sensors and devices that can help emergency services respond faster and more efficiently during auto accidents.

Partnering with RapidSOS

Through the RapidSOS emergency response data platform, SiriusXM Connect can share data directly from ACN+ to 911. When an ACN+ enabled vehicle is involved in an accident, SiriusXM Connect can immediately access vehicle crash and incident data and share it to the screens of telecommunicators through the RapidSOS Platform. Additionally, if a driver has a linked account with another RapidSOS Ready partner such as MedicAlert, telecommunicators can access health data from the driver’s MedicAlert profile.

of dispatchers believe RapidSOS allows them to send help faster¹

1 US Dispatcher Survey, August 2020

of dispatchers believe RapidSOS provides accurate location data and real-time updates on moving calls²

2 US Dispatcher Survey, August 2020

1. An accident is detected by an ACN+ enabled vehicle

2. SiriusXM receives notification and incident data from ACN+

3. The data is immediately shared with the Emergency Communications Center through the RapidSOS Platform

4. First responders have more incident intelligence and can arrive on scene better informed


With RapidSOS, SiriusXM Connect offers best-in-class safety features for millions of drivers nationwide. By sharing data with 911 during accidents, the company is helping to improve road safety, reduce fatalities, injuries, and expenses associated with vehicular accidents.

Data sources shared with 911 & field responders:

  • Location of incident
  • Vehicle description
  • Velocity of impact
  • Rollover detection
  • Airbag deployment and more
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By working with RapidSOS, we’re able to transmit vehicle crash data, driver data, and sometimes medical data as well to first responders as quickly as possible.

Mitch Dornich,

VP of Product, SiriusXM Connect

See how RapidSOS connects life-saving crash data to first responders