How Device Companies Can Implement Emergency APIs

by Hfbtech

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RapidSOS Connect provides easy-to-integrate 24/7 monitoring and emergency response APIs for connected device companies, allowing life-saving data to be delivered to 911 in case of an emergency.

This provides advanced help for your customers in crisis, and empower 911 and first responders with verified information for enhanced emergency response management.


The Challenge

Fast, accurate 911 responses can be impeded due to legacy analog systems. The tragic 2016 “Ghost Ship” fire during a concert in an Oakland warehouse claimed 36 lives partially because no one was able to get through to 911. Someone had to physically run to the fire department to alert them of the blaze, but, unfortunately, it was too late for the three dozen individuals trapped inside.

Modern technology can help avoid such tragedies and enable more effective crisis responses. In a similar situation today, a fire alarm could have immediately alerted 911 as temperatures rose, live security footage could have given first responders advanced notice on the severity of the emergency, and bystanders outside could have had the capability to send direct alerts via emergency buttons on connected handheld devices. 

There are countless examples of other tragic events that could have been avoided if people in danger or bystanders had had the capability to get help, or if connections to emergency services could have been facilitated automatically. 


The Solution

Today, device companies have the ability to send critical, life-saving data, such as real-time location, user profile, and sensor data, to 911 and help provide faster, more effective emergency response management for their customers. 

With RapidSOS Connect, companies have access to an easy to integrate API for emergency response, can provide faster, data-enriched emergency response for customers, and partner with public safety. 


The Connection

RapidSOS Connect delivers a voice, data, and monitoring solution for connected device companies to securely connect life-saving data to 911. Our emergency API allows for customizations for voice, SMS, and rich data transfer, enabling companies to leverage RapidSOS’s technology and highly trained monitoring center professionals to best protect their customers.


How it Works

When your product detects an emergency, it calls RapidSOS’s API. If you work with an alarm monitoring center, a monitoring specialist calls or texts your user to provide assistance. The incident is immediately escalated to 911 if needed with voice and rich data, including the real-time location, user profile, sensor data, and more. 

If a response is deployed in jurisdictions with enabled alerts, real-time chat can even be conducted between the alarm monitoring service specialist and the telecommunicator. 

First responders arrive on the scene faster and better informed with this data from your devices.


How RapidSOS Works

This comprehensive emergency response management system helps 911 from being inundated with false alarms and gives first responders better information when they need it most. Best of all, connected devices can send out an alert without even a voice call; just the press of a button or an activated sensor means help will be on the way.


Companies Using the RapidSOS API to Save Lives

Companies that connect their devices and data deliver higher quality emergency response management and peace of mind for their customers.


Security Company: Cove

Cove was the first home security company to connect to the RapidSOS Platform. Digital coordination between RapidSOS, Cove, and a professional monitoring station accelerates verification by simultaneously texting emergency contacts and opening up a voice communication line with the monitoring center. Verified data from smart sensors is digitally transmitted into first responders’ existing software systems. 

Cove Landing Page


Wearable Company: Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus Technologies connected the POMM® safety band to send rich incident location and additional emergency intelligence data such as name, age, gender, height, eye color, hair color, allergies, dynamic vital signs, and emergency contact information to 911 centers and first responders to better protect children or individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.  


App: Uber  

During an emergency, Uber passengers and drivers can utilize the Uber Safety Toolkit to connect with 911. The in-app emergency button is integrated with RapidSOS, allowing 911 dispatchers and first responders to get real-time trip information. The responding Emergency Communication Center receives the user’s profile (including name, age, and address), a real-time location, the vehicle make and model, and trip details. 

How Uber Provides Users Peace of Mind During Emergencies

Are you ready to join the rapidly expanding network of companies empowering emergency response management? Talk to a public safety expert from RapidSOS today.