Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are top priorities for RapidSOS because they are fundamental to the operation of our service. RapidSOS is committed to securing its services data, securing your data on our service, eliminating system vulnerabilities, and ensuring continuity of access to its services. RapidSOS uses a variety of industry-standard technologies and services to secure data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and loss.

Security is directed by RapidSOS’s Chief Information Security Officer and maintained by RapidSOS’s security and production operations team.

Vulnerability and Security Concern Disclosure

If you have any security concerns or would like to report a Security issue with a RapidSOS service, please contact security (PGP/GPG Public Key)

Security and Compliance:  Data Security and Privacy

Data Encryption

Data in RapidSOS servers is encrypted at rest and in transit. RapidSOS exclusively sends data over HTTPS transport layer security (TLS) encrypted connections for additional security as data transits to and from the application.

Privacy Contact

Read our RapidSOS Privacy Policy for more information. For further privacy concerns, please contact privacy (PGP/GPG Public Key)