Intelligent Safety Solutions for Personal Safety

Connect personal safety devices, apps, and wearables directly to 911

Partnering with the most innovative companies to provide their customers with peace of mind

During an emergency, customers expect help to arrive on-scene as fast as possible.
RapidSOS provides users with enhanced peace of mind through direct, digital connections to 24/7 Safety Agents during unsafe moments and 911 during true emergencies.

Protect customers during unsafe moments with access to 24/7 Safety Agents

In moments when users feel unsafe but aren’t experiencing an emergency, RapidSOS offers peace of mind through round-the-clock access to live Safety Agents.

With 24/7 support via voice, SMS, or in-app messaging, your customers will always feel that someone is looking out for their safety.

Ensure your customers receive the fastest possible emergency response

During an emergency, RapidSOS sends verified digital alerts from connected apps, devices, and wearables directly to first responders, prioritizing emergency response and reducing response times.

RapidSOS enhances first responders’ situational awareness with crucial incident details including the users’ real-time location, name, emergency contacts, medical profiles, and more.


See how MedicAlert connects PERS data to first responders

Looking to provide their customers with faster, more intelligent emergency response, MedicAlert partnered with RapidSOS to establish a digital connection between their products and emergency services.

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Learn how RapidSOS helps PERS companies keep their customers safe

How RapidSOS connects personal safety devices directly to first responders

Personal safety device activated
24/7 Safety Agent contacts the user

via voice, SMS, or in-app messaging

Safety Agent escalates to 911

Field responders are dispatched

Scalable nation-wide coverage

  • Access 5,700+ ECCs covering 99.9% of U.S. population
  • Connect emergency data to 1M+ field responders
  • Ensure your data can be shared between jurisdictions