Intelligent Safety Solutions for Schools

Digitally connect schools to 911 and field responders

When danger threatens a school environment, communication becomes a challenge, putting children and school personnel at great risk with every passing second.
That's why RapidSOS connects schools' security systems and silent alarms directly to 911 and local field responders, providing the information they need to respond as quickly as possible.

Drive faster, more informed emergency response with digital alerts

By establishing a direct connection between security systems and local Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs), schools empower 911 to dispatch field responders within seconds and ensure their data is received with the highest priority.

Digital Alerts, powered by RapidSOS, provide field responders with crucial life-saving information, including precise incident location, building maps, and more, ensuring the quickest emergency response when every second is crucial.

Instantly comply with legislation including Alyssa’s Law

With access to over 5,700 ECCs covering 99% of the US population, RapidSOS instantly enables schools to fulfill mandates for silent panic alarms, establishing direct connections to 911.

Continuous software updates guarantee that security systems stay compliant with both federal and state-by-state legislation.


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Learn how RapidSOS can help establish the best possible relationship between schools and local 911 centers

How RapidSOS connects schools to first responders


System detects an event
hazard, active shooters, or medical emergency


Data is sent directly to 911
through RapidSOS platform


First responders receive data
arrive on scene more informed and prepared

Scalable nation-wide coverage

  • Access 5,700+ ECCs covering +99% of U.S. population
  • Ensure your data can be shared between jurisdictions
  • Scale your product across a decentralized, locally-run emergency response system

Hear how Raptor Technologies partners with RapidSOS to keep our schools safe

David Rogers, CMO of Raptor Technologies, explains how partnering with RapidSOS enables his organization to pursue their mission to protect every child, every day.

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