UNITE | Communicator Module

Streamlining Emergency Communication


Uniting workflow for a faster response

Optimize emergency response with the RapidSOS UNITE Communicator module. Streamline messages and video to improve response times and outcomes. Efficiently handle abandoned calls and support individuals who can’t speak or need translation.

Key Benefits of the UNITE Communicator Module

Real-time language translation

Supports diverse communities with real-time translation of 175+ languages


Quick-reply messages for rapid communication

Improves efficiency with unlimited library of pre-configured messages

Extended multimedia storage

Enables agencies to download multimedia elements from conversations for post-incident retrieval


Customizable UNITE modules to suit your agency’s needs


Intelligent Analyst

Upgrade for Analytics
Review your agency’s data via intelligent analytics and reporting capabilities.

Single Sign-On

Upgrade for Access & Security
Allow users to log in via Single Sign On and auto-create users with Just-In-Time Provisioning, reducing administrative work and increasing cybersecurity rigor.



Field Responders

Upgrade for Field Agencies
Extend the power of critical data with IamResponding, an end-to-end emergency response system for field responders everywhere.


Upgrade for Mapping Module
Incorporate Locally Authoritative GIS Data, improving the accuracy of what’s shown and giving increased resilience and control to your center.


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