UNITE | Intelligent Analyst Module

Go beyond call handling reporting with incident analytics


Uniting workflows for faster emergency response

As voice-based requests for service move to digital means, agencies need decision-makers to understand the true scope and complexity of their workload.

The Intelligent Analyst module provides a holistic view, including calls, texts, and sensor-based alerts.

Key Benefits of the Intelligent Analyst Module

Unlock new datasets alongside standard call handling data

Consolidate insights from calls, texts, sensor-based alerts, and data from RapidSOS partners, and quickly report on key performance metrics like call answer times.

Better understand & respond to detected surges and outages

Capture incidents / emergencies in your community that may not even hit your phones.

Make data-informed proposals for funding and more

Easily spot trends and plan for the future with AI-powered forecasting.

Customizable UNITE modules to suit your agency’s needs



Upgrade for Text & Video
Leverage language translation, transcription, and an unlimited message library to save telecommunicators time.

Single Sign-On

Upgrade for Access & Security
Allow users to log in via Single Sign On and auto-create users with Just-In-Time Provisioning, reducing administrative work and increasing cybersecurity rigor.



Field Responders

Upgrade for Field Agencies
Extend the power of critical data with IamResponding, an end-to-end emergency response system for field responders everywhere.


Upgrade for Mapping Module
Incorporate Locally Authoritative GIS Data, improving the accuracy of what’s shown and giving increased resilience and control to your center.


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