How to Easily Add 24/7 Monitoring to Your Emergency Offering

by Hfbtech

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Nearly 30% of homes in the U.S. have a home security monitoring system. Nearly 43% have a smart home device. The convergence of smart devices and home alert monitoring is giving rise to a new kind of 24/7 monitoring approach, with many homeowners choosing to create their own home security system using DIY security devices. 


The challenge: Integrating modern tech with legacy central stations 

The primary challenge that  connected device companies face when trying to add professional alarm monitoring services to their modern tech devices is connecting their modern tech platforms with legacy central station receivers. It is complicated and time-consuming, and oftentimes these central station receivers don’t have the pre-existing infrastructure to ingest the types of innovative data (such as video, images, and more) pioneered by these devices. 

Lack of data combined with high false alarm rates (90%+) make it nearly impossible for 911 to prioritize real alarms – causing most alarms to be systematically deprioritized by 911 resulting in longer average response times. This means people who are experiencing a real emergency are often left in limbo, unsure when or how help will be arriving.  

We’ve re-imagined the monitoring experience by combining humans and technology to help customer-centric device companies overcome these challenges with RapidSOS Monitoring. 

By adding professional 24/7 monitoring services to your emergency offering, your customers receive professional monitoring support around the clock and peace of mind knowing that a team is standing by to support them in an emergency. 


The solution: RapidSOS Monitoring

RapidSOS Monitoring is an API-driven 24/7 monitoring service that provides a white-glove experience for your customers and faster, data-enriched more effective emergency response when it matters most.

Enterprise grade, SOC2, HIPAA-compliant, UL, FM, and TMA 5-diamond certified, RapidSOS Monitoring meets the reliability, scalability, and security standards of some of the most complex tech businesses. RapidSOS Monitoring is done in partnership with Lydia Security Monitoring Inc.

It’s easy to integrate and requires only a few lines of code to quickly implement so that you can add professional monitoring to your offering with minimal developer resources. 

This allows RapidSOS to not just send rich data to 911, but also to verify incidents through professional security monitoring system support. By allowing incidents to be verified in real-time, customers gain the confidence that someone is always there to respond during an emergency – it also helps to reduce the number of false alarms sent to 9-1-1 centers.


Key benefits of RapidSOS Monitoring

You can easily start protecting your customers with our easy to integrate API for 24/7 monitoring that enables the verification and delivery of rich data to 911 centers for faster, more effective emergency response. We offer white-glove monitoring services for alarm verification by giving you access to caring, highly trained monitoring specialists to serve your customers when they need it most. RapidSOS Monitoring is a global solution built for scale that supports 400M+ connected devices and apps around the world. Check out our blog to learn more


RapidSOS Monitoring implementation in 5 easy steps:

We’ve designed our solution to be as easy as possible to integrate with modern tech devices. Adding RapidSOS Monitoring to your offering can be completed in just a few steps, giving your customers enhanced peace of mind. 

  1. Establish implementation workflows with your Solutions Engineer
  2. Provide dealer information and scripts for SMS and voice operators
  3. Connect to the RapidSOS sandbox environment to send alarm signals and account information via API
  4. Conduct API testing with your Implementation Engineer
  5. Go live with your new offering in just a few hours

Once you’ve integrated RapidSOS Monitoring, your connected device or app will be able to detect an emergency and call RapidSOS’s API. A professional monitoring specialist will call or text your user to provide assistance, and the communication is immediately verified and escalated to 9-1-1 if needed with voice and information  such as the user’s real-time location, user profile, sensor data, and other information like video and images attached. First responders can then arrive on scene faster and better informed with rich data from your device.


Why choose RapidSOS Monitoring?

RapidSOS delivers a global solution built for scale, capable of protecting domestic and international customers with 15 geographic redundant sites across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Our enterprise-grade security protocols meet your company’s scalability standards, and we partner with you to build greater awareness of your safety offerings among consumers and the 9-1-1 community.

Our support doesn’t stop at connecting your device data to 911 centers. We commit to the highest standards of training, both for our professional monitoring specialists managing response end-to-end for your users, and 911 dispatchers interpreting your alarm signals. To date, we have trained more than 15 thousand telecommunicators on RapidSOS, and our staff spends 20k+ hours annually working with 911 in the field.

Talk to an expert today to add 24/7 alarm monitoring services to your emergency response offering.