Why Connected Device Companies Use RapidSOS Monitoring

by Hfbtech

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Why 24/7 Monitoring Services? 

When you incorporate monitoring into your connected security, safety, or health platform, your customers receive professional monitoring support around the clock and peace of mind knowing that a team is standing by to support them in an emergency.  


Introducing RapidSOS Monitoring 

In partnership with first responders and leading tech companies, we’ve reimagined the monitoring experience by combining humans and technology to provide a white-gloved human experience tightly integrated with first responders in an emergency. RapidSOS Monitoring offers:

Fast, data-enriched, emergency response

Link your rich data into thousands of 911 centers to enable faster, more effective emergency response for your customers; transfer video, images and custom data to 911 to drive prioritized emergency response.

A white-gloved human experience

Access caring, highly trained monitoring specialists to serve your customers when they need it most.  The ability of our specialists to digitally pass critical data to 911 and first responders lets them focus on supporting your user in their moment of need. The result is a high-touch human experience backed by $200M+ of technology investment to drive the fastest, most effective response possible.

An easy to integrate API for 24/7 monitoring

A single-API means that minimal developer resources are required to quickly implement and protect your customers with high-touch monitoring services. Our drag-and-drop flow builder lets your product team rapidly iterate and customize their flow to meet the unique benefits of your device without any development work / code .

A global solution built for scale

Enterprise grade, SOC2, HIPAA-compliant, UL, FM, and TMA 5-diamond certified, RapidSOS Monitoring meets the reliability, scalability, and security standards of some of the most complex tech businesses. RapidSOS Monitoring is done in partnership with Lydia Security Monitoring Inc.

Hear what 911 leaders have to say about RapidSOS Monitoring:


How RapidSOS Monitoring works

Here’s how it works when a connected device or app company uses RapidSOS Monitoring:

How RapidSOS's existing services connect

  1. Your product detects emergencies and calls RapidSOS’s API
  2. RapidSOS Monitoring specialists call or text your user to provide assistance with optional enhanced video verification
  3. Immediately escalated to 911 if needed with voice & rich data (real-time location, user profile, sensor data, and more)
  4. First responders arrive on scene faster and better informed with rich data from your devices


Safety/ Security/ Health Monitoring Built on 10 Years of Work with First Responders


Why Choose RapidSOS As Your Central Station

For the past ten years RapidSOS has partnered with 911 and first responders to transform emergency response. Today, the RapidSOS Platform delivers critical data (such as location, real-time sensor data, multimedia, and health data) from 400M+ connected devices and apps around the world to first responders across 165M+ emergencies annually. 

Through that experience with 911 and leading technology companies, we’ve realized there is a need to fuse humans and technology to provide more effective, verified response that comforts and supports end users in their moments of greatest need.

RapidSOS’s technology connects IoT devices to 911 with a single API. It’s easy to integrate and requires only a few lines of code to quickly implement. RapidSOS offers rich, real-time data and enhanced verification techniques which help reduce false alarms. Its flexible workflows allow for multi-modal alarm verification and easy configuration.  

We offer white-glove monitoring services for alarm verification. RapidSOS Monitoring gives you access to caring, highly trained monitoring specialists to serve your customers when they need it most. We provide physical safety by ensuring secure transfer of data and provide rich data such as medical profile and precise location in order to drive more effective dispatch of resources to the scene.

We’re built in partnership with public safety professionals. RapidSOS is a trusted partner to 911. With a decade-long partnership, RapidSOS has over 50,000 911 users, has over 450 years of in-house 911 experience, and spends 20,000+ hours annually working with 911 in the field. With our RapidSOS Ready Emergency Community, we’re committed to solving the 911 data challenge – to deliver the right data, at the right time, to ensure first responders have the information they need. 

Talk to an expert today to add 24/7 alarm monitoring services to your emergency response offering.